Certificates of Analysis

    The certificate of analysis for each batchif required, may be shipped with the product. All certificates of analysis can be downloaded from our website, quoting the product number and the batch number indicated on the product label. 

    In the certificate of analysis are indicated:

    • Product name and product statusIn case of ErbaPharm© status, the identification codes of the Pharmacopoeias for which the product is guaranteed appear;
    • CARLO ERBA Reagents S.A.S. identification code of the product and of the product cutting; 
    • Batch number, that allows the traceability of all data relating to productiontesting and packaging
    • Method Product Number, that identifies the method of analysis that verifies the suitability of the product
    • Product specifications, indicating the tolerance limits
    • Analytical results, with the indication of the true value for the most important essays
    • Date of the analysis approval
    • Method of sampling
    • Materials used in the analysis (if required in the analytical method); 
    • Expiring date of the batch 

    The values shown in the certificate of analysis were obtained using the most advanced analytical techniquesreferring to international methods and using the best standards in all operations of instrumentation calibration.