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pH/Redox meter pH 3110 Set SM PRO, LLG Premium Line

Xylem Analytics Germany (WTW)

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LLG04684148 pH/Redox meter pH 3110 Set SM PRO, LLG Premium Line, incl. pH electrode Sentix 41 and protective cover SM Pro. dummyVariantValueCategory 1 pz
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The LLG Premium Line is our best selection of high quality and proven devices from our top suppliers.

The meter pH 3110 Set SM PRO is ready-to-use for portable pH and Redox measurement.

Convincing quality

  • With proven, universal pH electrode Sentix 41

  • Robust with sturdy housing made of ABS

  • Additional protection due to protective cover SM Pro made of silicone

  • Waterproof according to IP 67

Excellent functionality and best user comfort

  • Ready-to-use in carrying case

  • Large, clear LCD segment display, easy to read thanks to high contrast

  • Clear keyboard with only 6 keys made of a gap-free silicone mat

  • Keyboard can be operated with gloves due to tactile feedback

  • Easy to clean

Highest safety

  • Automatic AutoRead function for reproducible and reliable readings

  • 3-point calibration with technical or DIN/NIST buffers

  • Integrated calibration timer for reminding to calibrate regularly

Scope of supply: pH meter pH 3110 ProfiLine, pH electrode Sentix 41, buffer STP 4 / STP 7 (50 ml each), protective cover SM Pro, KCL solution, measuring beaker (50 ml), electrode holder, carrying case