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Batch number


On the label and the certificate of analysis of the product is mentioned the bacth number with an alpha-numeric code of 9 characters. This number allows the traceability of the product through all stages of production. It is generated automatically by our SAP system.




The 1st letter corresponds to the manufacturing site :

V = Val de Reuil (manufacturng plant)

P = Peypin (manufacturng plant)

Batch number of the raw material composed of several data:

  • the 1st number  corresponds to the year
    (1 = 2021 in the example)
  • 1st letter identifies the month
    ( A = January / N = December.
    Letters J et K are not used)
  • the last 3 digits are a number which gradually increases

Creation date of the production order:   

  • the first 2 digits correspond to the day
  • the 3rd digit is the year  
  • the letter is the month

In the example this gives November 5, 2021