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Certificate of analysis


All certificates of analysis for each batch can be downloaded from our website www.carloerbareagents.com with the product code and batch number noted on the label.

The certificate of analysis includes in particular:

  • Product designation and quality. In the case of an ERBAPharm® quality product, the acronyms of the pharmacopoeias to which the product conforms are noted in the quality.
  • CARLO ERBA Reagents product code.
  • Batch number for traceability of all production, analysis and packaging data.
  • Expiry date of the batch.
  • Code of the analytical method used.
  • Certificate version number, incremented with each change in specification.
  • Guaranteed product specifications.
  • Analysis results with indication of the actual value for the most important parameters.
  • Date of approval of the certificate of analysis.
  • Reference materials for analysis (if required in the analytical method).

If the certificate of analysis is not available, we invite you to request it by e-mail specifying:

  • the batch number
  • the product code
  • your contact details (phone and e-mail)

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