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Our Chemicals offer


Whether you are a professional in the:

  • the Chemical or Energy Industry
  • the Pharmaceutical or Cosmetics Industry
  • the Petrochemical or Plastics Industry
  • the Environment or Food Industry
  • Health or Life Sciences
  • Research or Education,

you will find in the CARLO ERBA Reagents ranges the products adapted to your needs.

CARLO ERBA Reagents chemicals are classified according to their specifications and their field of application in the laboratory or in industry. A colour-coded system assigned to each grade makes it easy to find the product best suited to your application.
Each application has its own reagent:

RS : Specific reagents for a particular application or technique  

  • Trace analysisSuperpure and Ultrapure Acids for sample mineralisation, Standard Solutions for AAS, ICP-OES and ICP-MS for instrument calibration, Standard Solutions for pesticide, PAH and PCB analysis
  • Liquid chromatographyHigh purity solvents suitable for UHPLC-MS, LC-MS, HPLC GOLD UltraGradient grade, HPLC PLUS Gradient grade, Isocratic HPLC grade, Preparative HPLC, Ion Chromatography Standard Solutions, Ion Pair Chromatography Reagents, Silica Gel and filter aids available in different pore sizes.
  • Gas ChromatographyHigh purity solvents suitable for GC-HEADSPACE, for GC-MS, for organic trace analysis (ATRASOL®) and for residue analysis (PESTIPUR®)
  • UV-vis/IR spectroscopy : SPECTROSOL® solvents
  • Peptide synthesis : solvents adapted to peptide synthesis
  • Organic synthesisERBAdry® anhydrous solvents
  • RMN : Deuterated solvent
  • Karl Fischer : KF reagents (ERBAqua®) for volumetric and coulometric titration without pyridine
  • Food analysisSpecific reagents, acids, bases and Kjeldahl catalysts for the analysis of food matrices
  • ElectronicsCSR and VLSI quality according to the requirements of semiconductor production processes with controlled metal contents in the ppm, ppb and ppt range
  • Histology, haematology and cytodiagnostics: Fixers, solvents, fixing media, staining solutions, stains, mounting media and immersion media
  • ConductivityStandard solutions

RPE : Analytical grade reagents
Grades meeting standard analytical requirements that may be ACS and/or ISO compliant. A number of products also comply with various pharmacopoeias including BP, EP and USP for analytical purposes

  • Organic solvents, acids, bases and saltsA wide range of products guaranteed for analytical purposes
  • VolumetryReady-to-use titrated solutions
  • pHmetryColoured or uncoloured pH buffer solutions, available in different sizes and packaging
  • IndicatorsPure substances and ready-to-use indicator solutions supplied with their colour index

RE : Technical grade reagents
Common purified products used in many laboratories and chemical industries

  • Solvents, acids, bases, organic or inorganic saltsSupplied with guaranteed purity for basic industrial and laboratory applications
  • Green solvents to improve the environmental impact in their applications
  • Petrochemical solvents : standard for octane determination according to ASTM standards

ERBApharm® : Products that comply with a pharmacopoeia monograph
Raw materials for pharmaceutical production that comply with one or more of the pharmacopoeias, depending on the product: EP, USP, NF, JP, BP, DAB, FU, FP.

  • Organic or inorganic solvents, acids, bases and salts : Meeting one or more pharmacopoeias to satisfy the quality requirements in your production process. A range of more than 500 products with various packaging from bottles to bulk to follow you in your scale-up.

Xcipharm®Raw materials for pharmaceutical use
Mainly declared as excipients that can be used in the formulation of pharmaceutical products. Manufactured according to the current IPEC guide

  • Organic or inorganic solvents, acids, bases and salts : Customised products with regulatory and declarative monitoring for mainly excipient use to meet your Quality Assurance requirements

It is your responsibility to ensure that the product purchased is fit for purpose. CARLO ERBA Reagents shall not be held liable for any misuse or mishandling of any of its products, causing damage to property or personal injury if used inappropriately.