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Tailor made


Expertise, Flexibility and Adaptability at your service

Each customer has a problem that may require the implementation of a specific solution. In most cases, it is very difficult for the customer to adapt existing solutions on the market to its existing process. CARLO ERBA Reagents, thanks to its 2 production sites located in France, is at the service of its customers to meet their expectations while respecting their requirements and constraints. For several years, CARLO ERBA Reagents has been THE specialist in customised services for industry and the laboratory.

Customised mixtures

All types of mixtures meeting the customer's specifications in terms of composition, specifications and quality guarantees. From 1 ml to several tonnes.
Customised purificationWe have the experience, skills and equipment to purify your chemicals and regenerate your solvents under contract
Customised packaging and pre-weighingWhether it's a catalogue product or a custom-made product, we can package your chemicals to your specifications.
Shuttle packagingFrom 5 litres to 1,000 litres, we provide you with stainless steel shuttle packaging to optimise the quality of the solvent and the management of packaging waste.

You want to :

  • refocus on your core business by outsourcing a stage of your process
  • gain in productivity
  • offer more safety to your operators
  • guarantee a product of consistent quality, according to your own specifications
  • market a product labelled in accordance with the latest legislation in force

then take advantage of our know-how made to your measure.

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