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Who we are



CARLO ERBA Reagents is a private group active in the Laboratory and Industrial Chemicals, Labware and Furniture for Laboratory, and products for the Life Science field. Headquartered in Cornaredo (Milano), Italy, CARLO ERBA Reagents is directly active in four countries (Italy, France, Germany and Spain) and serves markets all over the world. Two production plants  (chemicals) and export functions are located in France.

160 years after its foundation, CARLO ERBA Reagents continues to represent a reference in the field of chemistry as well  as a one-source supplier and qualified “partner in the choice” for the  quality control and research laboratory of the industry and academia.The company was established in 1853 when the enterprising Milanese pharmacist Carlo Erba (who gave his name to the company) decides to initiate a production laboratory. The company grew rapidly and by the death of its founder, in 1888,  already shows to be one of the jewels of the European chemical and pharma industry.

Some milestones :

  • 1853 Beginning of the Italian Industrial pharmaceutical adventure with Dr. Carlo Erba
  • 1897 First Reagent catalog
  • 1970 Creation of SdS in Peypin (France)
  • 1992 Construction of the site of Val de Reuil (France)
  • 2002 Integration in Barclays P.E.
  • 2005 Carlo Erba Réactifs-SdS  merger
  • 2007 Extension of the site in Val de Reuil
  • 2008 Spanish subsidiary company Carlo Erba Reagents-SdS is established
  • 2011 Creation of CARLO ERBA Reagents
  • 2013 Integration into Dasit Group S.p.A., an Italian holding company founded in 1982 and owner of several well-known companies in the fields of In-Vitro Diagnostics, Life Sciences and industrial Production.
  • 2019 Extension of QC Lab (Val de Reuil) and building of the corrosive unit (Val de Reuil)
  • 2020 Establishment of CARLO ERBA Reagents in Germany​
  • 2021 Opening of a new logistic hub (Heudebouville)


CARLO ERBA Reagents is the first manufacturer of laboratory reagents in France and South of Europe with 2 production plants inspected with success by the french MOH in France and around 200 people working:

  • Val de Reuil, near Paris (France)
  • Peypin, near Marseille (France)

Val de Reuil plant

Val de Reuil plant is 100 km west of Paris. It deals with the production of solvents, powders, water, corrosives, mixtures  and customized products.

The site is classified Seveso low level, and is certified ISO:9001:2015

  • Total area: 61.000 m²
  • Production: 4500 m²
  • Warehouse: 10000 m²
  • Offices: 2350 m²

Facilities :

  • Distillation columns percolators: 15.000 l and 30.000 l storage tanks inert under nitrogen for alcohols and solvents / 20.000 l storage tanks inert under nitrogen for alcohols, chlorinated solvents and other solvents
  • Reactors from 100 l to 7.000 l
  • Automatic packaging lines for bottles from 500 ml to 4 l
  • Dedicated lines from storage tanks
  • Sets of filtration: from 0.1 µm to 20 µm
  • Salts building with clean rooms
  • Corrosives building with tanks to perform dilutions
  • Water production for purified water quality up to pharmaceutical Grade

Peypin plant

The site is located between Aix en Provence and Marseille. It is certified ISO:9001:2015 and SEVESO low level

  • Total area: 20.000 m²
  • Production: 1900  m²
  • Warehouse: 1.800 m²
  • Offices: 300 m²

Facilities :

  • Distillation columns percolators: specific purification process for acetonitrile / semi-automated conditioning chains / storage tanks inert under nitrogen
  • Reactors from 50 l to 2.000 l
  • Sets of filtration: from 0.1 µm to 20 µm

Heudebouville logistic hub

The logisitc hub classified SEVESO Low level is 100 km west of Paris and serves as a logistics platform for the whole world.

  • Entire surface: 8 500 m²
  • Stockage de produits chimiques 6 400 m²
  • Chemicals storage 6 400 m²
  • 3 storage areas of 12 000 pallets with traditional pallet racking of 6 levels
  • 4 500 pallets for flammable products
  • 4 000 shuttle packaging (from 5L to IBC)
  • 1 000 m3 bulk storage
  • Preparation area 1 600 m²
  • 6 loading docks
  • 95% of our products are available
  • Shipping: 2 500 packages / day or more than 8 000 tonnes per year