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We are happy to offer our customers and partners a more agile, clear and rich tool, able to provide thousands of solutions and products for the Chemical, Pharmaceutical and Laboratory industries.

Let's find out the most important news together!


From the personalized home page to the purchase and information request forms: there are many innovations that we have introduced to make your browsing as much as possible in line with your habits.


Once registered on the e-commerce platform you can immediately start your searches using an innovative search function that will help you find the exact name of the product you are looking for thanks to the auto-completion functions of the name or misspelling, in case of the wrong name of the typed product.


The e-commerce platform is directly connected to SAP. This allows us to send you offers with greater speed, accuracy and traceability. The product catalog is updated more frequently and is presented in a clear and full of information to ensure you really find the product you are looking for.


The site is obviously responsive. This means that you can also place orders or consult our catalog from your mobile phone. In addition, you will immediately notice a greater speed in loading pages and download brochures, flyers and product specifications.


A product catalog is constantly updated and always hosts news. But we do not limit ourselves to this nor showcase simple promotions every month. We want to give you more and let you enter the CARLO ERBA Reagents world by visiting our production plants with us, offering you focus on products in the Chemical and Laboratory world, discovering the technological innovations that allow us to offer you tailor-made solutions and, why not, also our history which consists of more than 150 years of activity!

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